Founded in July 2002 in Dresden, Smart Material GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of advanced piezo composite materials and systems based on these materials. Piezo composite materials manufactured by Smart Material are used in a wide spectrum of applications as actuators and sensors in ultrasound transducers and vibration energy harvesting devices.

Our mission: To provide advanced piezo composites and required electronic systems for commercial, research, and educational applications in high quantity and high quality.

Our team serves a wide range of market segments in the industrial, defense, and aerospace sectors. Academic, company, and government research and development customers are a special and growing market segment. We are also providing engineering services for designing and developing systems based on these new materials.

Within the GENEX project, Smart Material will work on a novel type of flexible piezoelectric ultrasound transducer capable to transmit and receive shear horizontal waves. Furthermore, suitable electronic components for the therefore needed high voltage burst excitation will be developed.

SMART Material