Aernnova is a Leading Aerostructures Company specializing in the design and manufacturing of aerostructures and components. With revenues of over 600 million and 4,300 employees, Aernnova is a leading aerostructures design and manufacturing company.

Aernnova was started in 1986 with the creation of Fibertecnic and the first manufacturing contract with CASA (today Airbus Group). The signing in 1993 of the first contract with Embraer for the design and manufacture of the wings of the ERJ 145 marked the take-off for the company.

It seeks to be among the top-leading Tier 1 companies worldwide while its corporate social responsibility is a long-standing commitment to excellence and quality.

In the frame of GENEX, Aernnova, in collaboration with AIMEN, CIDETEC, and RECENDT, aims to successful demonstration of an optimized Automated Tape Laying (ATL) manufacturing, using THz spectroscopy, for tailored 3R resin. In addition, they will develop and optimize further the parts manufactured by ATL process and 3R resin by 2025-2026 through internal resources or programs such as Clean aviation. It will follow the necessary testing to obtain end-user approvals (AIRBUS) and reach the commercialization stage. The first sales of 3R composite aerostructures by AERNNOVA are expected from 2030 onwards.