GENEX Pbjectives



The framework will be developed around the following digital twins focused on different facets of the whole aircraft life span:

  • Manufacturing Process Digital Twin: composite manufacturing processes.
  • Product Usage Digital Twin: in-service behavior of the composite component.
  • MRO Digital Twins: the composite repair process.
  • Cognitive Digital Twin: Managing data from all systems and tools for gaining knowledge from the overall composite component lifecycle



  1. A smart combination of manufacturing steps
  2. Innovative online monitoring systems
  3. Advanced multi-physics, multi-scale, and fully coupled process simulation to predict the evolution of the curing characteristics
  4. A new real-time damage propagation model combining advanced Finite Element (FE) simulations
  5. Open-source High-Performance Computing (HPC)-based simulation of Ultrasonic Guided Waves (UGW) monitoring for virtual inspection of the damaged composite laminate
  6. A novel secure wireless sensor-based real-time diagnostic system providing in-flight and maintenance crews with accurate prognostic knowledge
  7. Optimized MRO processes and tools:
    • An advanced visual assistance tool
    • A novel surface preparation technique
    • AI-based online method customized hot bonding repair process
    • Multifunctional Disbond Arrest Feature