AGH University of Science and Technology, (AGH UST) in Kraków, Poland (founded in 1913) is a modern public university that actively participates in fostering a knowledge-based society and creating innovative technologies.

The AGH UST carries out national research projects and R&D projects for national industry, as well as joint projects with international partners within the framework of such international programs as, EU HORIZON 2020, KIC InnoEnergy, and UNIVERSEH. The research activities span the fields of technical sciences, natural sciences, earth sciences, and social sciences, with an emphasis on current priorities of the economy and business, in such areas as, energy transformation and zero-emission economy, climate change, circular economy, and Industry 4.0. The AGH UST ranks at the top among Polish institutions in terms of the number of patent applications filed to the European Patent Office. Among the many prospective research fields at the AGH UST, research related to space engineering and SHM is being developed intensively.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics is one of the oldest and largest faculties of the AGH UST, which is ranked among the best faculties in mechatronics in Poland.