ITAINNOVA is a non-profit technology centre promoting competitiveness in the industrial sector by means of the development, acquisition, adaptation, transfer, and diffusion of innovative technologies. ITAINNOVA works on four main technological areas: Materials Engineering, Robotics & Mechatronics, Power Electronics & EMC,  and Digital Technologies. The Materials Engineering Division integrates 78 researchers and technicians and includes the Materials and Structures Modelling and Simulation Group, focused on the development of advanced models of materials and components, multiscale techniques, Reduced Order Modelling, and optimization tools applied to product and process simulation, and the Smart Structures & Systems, devoted to the development and validation of new electromechanics components.

Role in GENEX:
ITAINNOVA, as the project coordinator, leads the work package on Health and Usage Monitoring & Management development, combining physics and data-based computational tools for a system development capable to detect damage and predict the remaining useful life of the component. Also, ITAINNOVA participates in the digitalization of the composite repair heating, the integration of the developed models into the interoperable IIoT platform, as well as on the definition of MRO guidelines for the next-generation aircraft.


ITAINNOVA premises 2022
Multiple monitoring capabilities during testing
Structural health monitoring during fatigue testing
Test bench for multiaxial mechanical testing