Ziegler Aerospace (ZA) is an ingenious Aerospace company offering a unique range of Engineering Services to cater to the needs of Airlines, MROs & EASA, FAA, and CAA & GCAA organizations. ZA Strength revolves around a knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced team have the capability to produce a full suite (design and plan, produce and install, maintain, repair and certify) of multi-disciplined Minor and Major (STC) aircraft modifications (interiors, avionics, structures). It provides on-schedule and cost-effective implementation and certification of customer Modifications and projects according to the EASA, FAA, and CAA & GCAA regulations. With their Aircraft Design and Engineering capabilities, they solve complex aircraft modification and certification challenges for aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, airlines, and aviation authorities all over the world. Based upon their extensive experience and using their structured and multi-disciplinary systems engineering approach, their Engineering Team provides high-tech technical and process integration solutions to achieve the best quality, lower life cycle costs and shorter Time to Market, and compliance to all regulatory aspects.

Within GENEX, Ziegler will provide service to MRO companies using MRO tools and methodologies developed in the frame of the project.