GENEX's First Review Meeting

March 1, 2024, marked a significant milestone as the GENEX consortium convened its first review meeting amidst the cultural splendor of Brussels, Belgium. With seamless precision, the event concluded successfully, as the reviewer, Hugues Felix, bestowed commendation upon the consortium's unwavering diligence. Inspired by this achievement, the GENEX partners have wholeheartedly immersed themselves in the intricate pursuit of advancing the project's three key innovations.

Following the review meeting, the GENEX partners, CIDETEC, ITA, AIMEN, DLR, and GMI, convened at the JEC World 2024 exhibition in Paris, where they seized the opportunity to spotlight the project's strides. Within this context, they unveiled the GENEX poster and leaflet, thereby affirming their commitment to innovation at the above-mentioned distinguished event. 

The second event where the GENEX project was presented was Verde-tec exhibition which is the only specialized exhibition on environmental technologies in Greece. The GENEX partner IRES attended the exhibition and presented the high-level goals and key technologies that are developed in the frame of the GENEX project towards a digitalized and sustainable future for aviation.

GENEX First Review Meeting